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With our extensive experience as both property management agents and professional landlords we have a unique perspective to help property investers to start or build on their existing portfolios, with our local knowledge and rental market experience we can help you aviod the pitfalls of the property minefield.

We can offer services to pro actively source potential rental properties and suitable properties for HMO use, including project magaging the refurbishment and ensuring the properties are to currect legal standards, and where appropriate help with planning and fire regulations with the local council to gain licencing for an HMO. due to our large network of professional landlords and large portfolios we will be able to source both “on and off the open market” properties

We will discuss with you your risk to reward and advise how to maximise returns by helping with the negotiation process, refurbishment  and maintenance, with the focus on minimising costs and gaining the maximum returns both on monthly income and capital appreciation.

New to Buy to Let     –    Why Let?

There are many practical and financial reasons why people choose to let.
Purchasing residential property to let can be a secure and worthwhile form of investment – with returns rivalling many other kinds of investment.
More and more people continue to invest in property as a way of providing for their retirement.
Moving abroad, whether it’s temporary or permanent has become increasingly popular and letting your home offers you the opportunity to maintain an income from your property with the option to return at a later date.
Changes in the job market mean more than ever, mobility and flexibility are important career issues – letting offers a swift solution.
Many homeowners who can’t sell, find that letting out their current property enables them to relocate or buy another.

Buy to Let
Buy to Let properties have become hugely popular in recent years because mortgage providers have developed numerous products to suit landlords’ needs. Provided you have an adequate deposit to put down, or alternatively enough equity in your main home, Buy to Let remains an excellent longterm investment providing both income and capital growth despite occasional fluctuations in the housing market. Buy to Let should always be viewed as a medium to long term investment.

Choosing a property to let
The key to success with buy-to-let is choosing the right property. If you are buying a property to let, choose one that will appeal to the type of people who live in that area.
For example, the main tenant market could be made up of busy professionals, single people or couples who may be looking for:
• a two or three-bedroom flat or house
• good transport links
• small or no garden
Our staff can tell you about what gaps there are in the rental market.
Before you buy, check that the house or flat you are interested in conforms to health and safety regulations. Otherwise you could find yourself needing to replace boilers, gas fires and appliances.

Preparing to let
When people view your property, they will compare it to others available, so its condition and appearance will affect both the rental value and the speed at which it is let. Remember that first impressions count:
• wherever possible decorations should be light modern and neutral – be prepared to re-decorate as necessary
• carpets need to be clean and neutral
• kitchens and bathrooms should be modern and well presented with white bathroom suites ideally
• in general the property should be thoroughly cleaned and the rooms left neat and uncluttered
• any gardens should be tidy and easily maintained
• ensure that any obvious day to day maintenance is dealt with prior to letting

Letting your property
The right tenant is the essential ingredient for successful letting and Linley and Simpson have the experience to find the right tenant for your property.
Not only do we have a constant supply of tenants actively seeking a property but we have established contacts with major local companies and relocation agencies, who have a regular requirement for good quality accommodation.
We also operate the latest in computer software which automatically matches potential tenants to your property and emails the particulars to them immediately.
By specialising in professional letting we attract good calibre, low risk tenants.
Promotion via multiple websites including, Linley & Simpson, Rightmove and the newest place to search for properties,

Managing your property
As part of our managed service we will prepare an inventory and schedule of condition. This forms the key element of our checking-in procedure. The list will contain all the items in the property including furniture, carpets, curtains and decoration – it will also have remarks as to their condition.
The inventory allows us to monitor whether a tenant is looking after your property and to assess whether any of the security deposit should be retained for repairs or dilapidations.
Our full management service obviously includes formally checking the property during the tenancy for which written reports will be supplied, ensuring your peace of mind.
The checks also help us highlight whether any maintenance work is required to keep your property in good order. We will deal with calls from your tenant and organise repairs as necessary, subject to your instructions.
We will negotiate tenancy renewals or extensions with your tenant and actively market the property for re-letting once your tenant serves notice.
When a tenant is set to leave your property a rigorous check out procedure is followed.
The full inventory and schedule of condition are checked to assess whether the tenant has maintained your property in a satisfactory condition. If it is found that there are items that are not up to standard then these areas will be costed and deducted from the tenant’s security deposit – subject to statutory deposit regulations.
We will collect the rent from your tenant and pass the funds on to you as soon as they clear. A simple regular statement will be sent to you at the end of each month, giving details of all transactions undertaken in connection with your property.

Tips For Letting Out Your Property
• Choose a specialist in Lettings – Estate Agents are not Letting Agents.
• Fair fees = good service, cut-price fees = half a service.
• Prepare and present your property well to get ahead of the competition.
• Market your property to the right people via the right Agent.